Dickie Family Newsletter

Nov - Dec 2004

Photos by Dad, text by Brie

Annual Pumpkin Smashing

Brie's Taekwon-Do Red Stripe Test

Patric's First Snowfall

     As always, we had our annual pumpkin smashing after Halloween.  Naturally, we waited until the pumpkins were slightly rotten and had a lot of squirrel teeth marks.  It makes them explode better, much to Will's delight.  Will and his friend Kyle were also the only ones brave/crazy enough to be near the target area where the pumpkins were being thrown.  They both enjoyed cheering dad on, telling him to throw higher and higher, while dodging pumpkin guts.

     Brie's test for red - stripe in Taekwon - Do was in the middle of November.  Brie was the highest rank testing, and led the testing group in warm - up exercises.  She did a wonderful job, and none of the little kids complained.  She did the usual drills for the testing board alongside a yellow - stripe who was half her size.  After going through all the drills, it was board - breaking time!  Brie was able to successfully break all the boards with the proper technique, though some required multiple blows.  The photo above is her readying for her flying side piercing kick, as you can see, she's very good at it.  Unfortunately, when she did the actual kick, she forgot about the landing part, and went through the boards and landed on the instructor.  He wasn't very pleased.  We all found it very entertaining.

     The first snowfall of November was Patric's first snowfall.  At first he didn't know what to make of it, and stood at the door barking at it until I took him out.  Once taken out, he began to run in circles, barking crazily.  later, we went to the bus stop to get Brie.  By then, Patric was used to the snow and was beginning to enjoy it.

Brie at a rock and gem show



Thanksgiving at Jim and Meg's


Thanksgiving at Jim and Meg's

Thanksgiving at Jim and Meg's

Thanksgiving at Jim and Meg's

Thanksgiving at Jim and Meg's

     Thanksgiving at Jim and Meg's was fun as always.  Will was in Dog heaven with Chief and the new puppy Kate, obviously named after Kate. 

Will and Patric at Great Hills Conservation Area

Brie at her Piano Recital

More dog heaven... Will gets up close and personal with Gorgy.

     Patric provided a number of opportunities for Will and I to visit the Great Hills Conservation area for long walks.  Patric needs them to "do his business" as we like to say, and there's that old adage... if a dog craps in the wood, and there's no one around, does it leave a smell?  (From experience, the answer is "YES").

Below, Christmas-time in Dickieville, including the day-after-Xmas party with Bill, SangOk, Andy, Dani, Elaine, Jim, and Debbie.

Our first artificial Christmas tree

The presents look just as good, though!

Kate bakes the traditional Xmas morning Cinnamon rolls

Will opens YAT (yet another toy)


Brie models one of the many, many, many outfits she got for Christmas.

Some of the guys hanging around staring at something you can't see.

The kids all showing off their Christmas presents from each other with Brie striking a pose.

Patric showing his demon side while "playing" with Gorgy

Aunt Elaine thinking she's not so sure she wants to keep this Yankee Swap gift, the electronic version of a whoopee cushion.

Will screaming in joy after another sled run,  or maybe it's just because he got snow down his back.

Brie running to the tube "lift" that you can see on the left.  That's a lot of turquiose.