Dickieville, January and February 2006

Welcome to the standard Dickieville newsletter.  A few general notes; we have moved our web pages to a professional web hosting service as a result of installing Verizon FIOS (Fiber Optic) to the house and Verizon's unfortunate policy of blocking all standard ports (in other words, they won't let us run a web server from the house).  The good news is that our provider, ipowerweb, has enough bandwidth that you can actually download video in a reasonable amount of time (assuming you have decent internet connectivity, like DSL or cable).  If you want to see any of the Dickieville videos, you can check out the Video Gallery.  You can also see the full set of January/February photos at the Photo Gallery.

Dave continues to move on up in model rocketry.  While the season isn't good for launching or painting, he's putting together a 3' tall model of a Phoenix air-to-air missile that uses "D" engines... as well as getting an Aerotech "blue thunder" composite fuel engine that's three times more powerful than the standard "D." 

Other frame, Mysti is getting bolder and bolder and will occasionally come and visit, even while the kids are around.  From a safe distance, of course.

Below, Dave's birthday brings lots of games, and Brie, after her stint as a swamp spirit in the last High School play, goes a little lower key and becomes a stage hand for the next show, the Musical "42nd Street."

Is it the sad expression that makes Patric so loved by the family, or is it the amazing fluffy butt?  Hard to say, but the incredibly mild January weather allows him to wander around outside on the green, green grass.

Below, another of Dave's presents, "A Game Of Thrones," becomes a favorite of Wills, marginally beating out Monopoly. 

Everyone dresses nicely for a night out in Boston seeing "David Copperfield," a truly magical show.  But not as dressed up as Brie and friends for the 9th grade semi-formal!

Will's birthday and the amazing "Fly Pen" that has an on-board computer that reads what you are writing and can do things like solve equations you have written down.  To the right, was there mention of the mild January weather?  February helps even that out with a nor' easter that drops 18 inches of snow.

Below, skiing at Wachusetts mountain.  Brie skis with her "friend," while Dave and Will spend some father and son "dust 'em while they're down" time.

Critters invade the yard and make short work of one of the Rhododendrons.  Right, a visit with Great Gram in her new apartment.