Dickieville Sept-Dec 2011

Mostly photos, and skipping Greece, which you can see here

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Kate on a Girl's Night Out
While a herd of Turkeys invades our back yard
Below, visits.  Top left, Eric and Cathy Haines, eating "Glack," which is either a Klingon dish of live worms or a Thai desert of fermented black rice (but it doesn't matter much as they both taste about the same).  On the top right, Carolyn, Kate's old roommate from College (out to visit Daughter Ariel but stopping by for a visit).  Below, Kate's mom Janet stops for a visit.
Tasha, who's been chewing holes in herself, is forced to wear the cone of shame and Kate's panties, which is probably humiliating for her but was pretty funny at the same time.
Below, Janet and Bill Garber and Anne Krall visit for Thanksgiving; T-day dinner at Bill Dickie's house with Bill, SangOk, Andy and Dani
Will finally gets his pony car, a 2012 Ford Mustang, black exterior, black interior, and a 305 horsepower engine that is only about 20% more powerful than the V8 in the Toyota Sequoia that weights twice as much.  When Will drives up, people start looking for low flying aircraft. 
Don't I look cool!
Look, Dad... it has an engine and EVERYTHING!
Below, Teri Stern comes up from North Carolina to spend a gir's sewing weekend with Kate, showing her how to use the "Serger," the verb for which is "Serging," and has nothing whatsoever to do with Iraq. 
And, finally, Christmas; Christmas Eve with Bill and family watching the Patriots play the Miami Dolphins, Christmas morning with the traditional home made cinnamon rolls, and openning presents, where Will recieved mostly Mustang-related gifts.